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female life interactive service platform
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Create new female life interactive service platform.

Her age network collection and practical content, refining project, search, brand IN fashion consumption IN the choose and buy, develop the community interaction, more IN line with the experiences of the female activities and game plan, provide the most practical and most convenient service life, complete the female consumers shift from passive to active to receive.

Her age of brand image are connected to the utility, affinity, interactive, entertainment, got the favour of netizens, many Chinese women also has established the good experience for the brand advertising environment.


Her time in new event planning for the biggest characteristic.

Seven practical channels: collection of clothing, beauty, food, celebrities, gender, career, lohas;

Three major service channel: play for search line, IN the library, talent online

Channel 5 interactive activity: integral investment, individual, community center, activity and topic

Universal coverage in every corner of her age women demand.

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